There are endless variables when it comes to coffee brewing.

The grinder, grind size, dripper, filter papers, coffee, etc. These will all affect your brewing experience and impact the final cup. However, if we use a recipe that produces consistent results with only the need to change a few variables at a time, we are one step closer to getting delicious brews.

Here's the recipe:

Tools Needed:

  • Flat Bottom Dripper
  • Flat Bottom Filters
  • Carafe
  • Temp Controlled Kettle
  • Burr Grinder
  • Scale & Timer
  • Coffee


12g Coffee : 200ml 95ºc Water


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Pouring Structure

The pouring structure for this recipe is as follows:

First pour: @ 0:00s

  • 50g: Circle Pour
  • Gentle swirl to soak grounds.

Second pour: @ 0:30s

  • 50g: Circle Pour

Third Pour: @ 1:00s

  • 100g: 30g Circle Pour - 70g Center Pour

Target Time

Total brew time: 2:20s - 3:00s.

Anything shorter tends to be unbalanced, and anything longer tends to muddle flavours.

Making Adjustments

Hitting the target time depends on the coffee and your grind setting.

If you find the cups unbalanced, try a finer grind size.

Conversely, if your cups are muddled and lack complexity, try going courser.

Here's some coffees to try:

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