the reset

a short session to slow down and connect with your breath

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  • Start by finding somewhere cozy to sit or lay down. Having a blanket and pillow nearby is nice.

  • Mute notifications and turn off distractions that might cause you to lose focus.

* Please note that any feelings of lightness, tingling, buzzing, or numbness are totally natural. These feelings may be strong, or light, but we encourage you to breathe through these feelings. Listen to your body and if these feelings become overwhelming, pause the session, return to a normal breathing rhythem, and the feelings will settle.


Start with one, initial deep breath. Settle into wherever you are and get comfortable. We encourage you to close your eyes, but it's not necessary.

We're going to start with 11 breaths.

  • On the inhale, breathe deeply, filling your belly and chest.

  • On the exhale release the breath naturally.

  • Continue this for 11 breaths.

  • On the 11th exhale, hold with empty lungs for as long as feels natural.

  • One final Inhale, hold with full lungs, for as long as feels natural.

  • Release the breath.

Return to normal breathing - notice the stillness - sit with it as long as you can - release any tension in your body - enjoy this space.

Follow along with the video

Take care 🤍