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Typica Mejorado - Anaerobic Washed

Typica Mejorado - Anaerobic Washed

Ecuador · Hacienda La Papaya · Juan Peña

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Technical Details

Producer: Juan Peña

Farm: Hacienda La Papaya

Origin: Ecuador

Region: Saraguro, Loja

Altitude: 2000 masl

Varietal: Typica Mejorado

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Fermentation: 100hr Anaerobic Pulped Mossto

Drying: 30 Days Control Room

About the Producer

Owned by Juan Peña, La Papaya is one of the most notable farms in Ecuador, growing many specialty varietals such as Typica, Sidra, and Gesha. Juan works hands-on, experimenting with new and existing processing methods and paying great attention to detail, starting in the nursery and sustained through the entire process. It’s easy to see why the coffees produced at La Papaya are spectacular.

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About the Processing

This Typica Mejorado variety is picked as whole cherries, removed of its fruit, then anaerobically fermented using a technique called 'Mossto'. A process where fermented coffee cherry liquid is incorporated during the anaerobic fermentation process. The coffee is then dried in temperature and humidity controlled rooms for 30 days. 

Source + Pricing Transparency

Source: Forward Coffee Importers

FOB: $25.30/kg USD

We Payed: $56.68/kg CAD

Cost After Roasting: $64.78/kg CAD

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* please note, this does not include the costs associated with running our business.

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We're Tasting:

Candied orange, stone fruits, vanilla cream & rose florals. 

More from Hacienda La Papaya

"Hacienda La Papaya coffees are the result of a meticulous integral
Process. The process begins in the nursery where the best seeds are selected, considering the origin and characteristics of the mother plants. Proper sowing techniques are applied for the correct development of the plant.
This ensures efficient fertilization
management throughout the farm and maximum control at each stage of plant's growth.
Every year the farm experiments with various controlled fermentation and drying, creating some of the finest and different flavor profiles."