Resting Coffee

The coffees you'll receive from us are intentionally roasted in a way that highlight their delicate & nuanced qualities.

This means the coffee is dense, requiring a slightly longer off-gassing period.

While roasting, carbon dioxide builds up inside the coffee, it's this carbon dioxide that you see get released while pouring water onto ground coffee. While some carbon dioxide is fine, excess can make it difficult to extract all the flavour within the coffee.

This is why we recommend waiting 2 weeks from the roast date prior to brewing.

A Fun Experiment

We have had some success in brewing closer to the roast date by grinding your dose of coffee 20-30 minutes prior.

The theory is that the carbon dioxide is able to escape at an accelerated rate.

While this experiment is worth trying, we've found that resting the coffee for 2 weeks still produces much better clarity of flavours.

Here's some coffees to try:

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