Our beginnings.

Saija was born to facilitate a transition towards mindful consumption within contemporary coffee through our commitment to quality and intentional decisions.

From selecting more sustainable packaging materials, and sourcing the highest quality coffees available.

We hope to offer a transparent and illuminating experience that integrates into your day with light and love.

Our Approach.

Taking a moment to appreciate life's simple moments, we find beauty in the nuances and details that often go unnoticed.

Our commitment reflects in our roasting approach, allowing the inherent clarity and subtleties of each coffee to shine through.

Quality to us.

Although subjective, there exists a collective agreement on quality — a feeling, a sensation, an energy that embodies elegance, beauty, and love.

To us, quality in coffee is nurtured with attention to detail through every stage of the coffees journey, inevitably manifesting in clean, sweet, vibrant, and beautifully nuanced flavours in the cup.

Sending love,

Sage & Aija