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How We Source Coffee

We currently source most of our green coffee from Apex Coffee Imports and Forward Specialty Green Coffee Importers. They are leaders in the Canadian green coffee industry and provide us with transparent information, and sources from some of the most notable coffee farms in the world.

Our Approach to Roasting

We take a modern approach to coffee roasting, pulling inspiration from Scandinavian / Nordic-style light roasts.

We aim to bring out the most beautiful version of each coffee through delicate & tireless quality control.

Why 100g & 200g Bags of Coffee?

Our coffee comes in 100g or 200g increments. We do this to keep the prices of our coffee attainable. Many of the coffees we source are higher value, rare, or special lots from our favourite producers.

What is Resting Coffee?

Resting coffee is the idea that coffee needs time to de-gas after roasting. The idea of "fresh is best" seems to originate from darker-roasted coffee, where staling reactions occur faster than in modern, lightly roasted specialty coffee.

For the style of coffee we roast, we suggest waiting 5-10 days from the roast date to let the flavors peak.
We recommend brewing coffee within 1-2 months from the roast date.

Wholesale Opportunities

It's not just wholesale, it's a partnership.

We want to connect and elevate one another to reach our highest potential.

Are you a business that is interested in carrying our products? A cafe looking to serve high-quality coffee?

Contact us via our Wholesale Page and let us know how we can assist.

We're looking forward to hearing from you. ✨


We initially started Saija as a way to provide coffee in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. We still operate that way, always aiming to create products that contain zero plastics or unsustainable materials.

If there's something we could do better please let us know. We're happy to listen.

See our Initiatives page to find out what we're doing to make our planet just a little bit better.