"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao tzu

  • Our coffee is sourced and roasted with intention to bring you the most beautiful coffees we can find.

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  • Our apparel is handmade in-house using deadstock fabrics.

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  • Our intention is to help you live a more mindful lifestyle. Dive into meditation and breathwork with our weighted eye cover.

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  • Caffeine-free beverage powders with all the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and herbs.

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About Us

Saija is a product of love.

We believe that the things we love and put energy into shape who we are. That's why we've built our brand around our passions and values. We're committed to staying true to these values and infusing our work with the creativity and intentionality that inspires us to live a slow and mindful lifestyle.

We source and create products that reflect this philosophy, allowing us to be intentional and offer products we're proud of. Whether you're shopping for specialty coffee, sustainable apparel, or products to assist your mindfulness journey, you can be sure that you're getting something created with love and crafted with the same intentionality put into everything we do. We're excited to share our passions with you, and we hope our products inspire you to live a little slower and discover your love.