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Transparency Reports

The purpose of this transparency report is to show the FOB prices that were paid for the coffee we source. This allows us to stay accountable and aim for a more sustainable future in coffee.


Apex Coffee Importers
  • Sonora · Costa Rica · SL-28 · FOB: $18.26/kg USD
  • Volcan Azul · Costa Rica · San Isidro · FOB: $11.83/kg USD
  • La Indonesia · Frank Torres · Colombia · Maracaturra · FOB: $11.66/kg USD
  • El Encinal · Amparo Botina · Colombia · Caturra · FOB: $12.43/kg USD
  • Sonora · Costa Rica · Marsellesa · FOB: $14.56/kg USD
  • El Aguacate · Gabriel Narvaez · Colombia · Caturra · FOB: $12.60/kg USD
Forward Coffee Imports
  • Inmaculada · Colombia · Castillo FOB: $17.6/KG USD
  • La Papaya · Ecuador · Typica · FOB: $19.80/KG USD
  • Daterra · Brazil · Aramosa · FOB: $35.42/KG USD
  • Gesha Village · Ethiopia · Estate Blend · FOB: $8.36/KG USD
  • La Papaya · Ecuador · Typica Majorado · FOB: $25.30/KG USD

Our Packaging

Coffee Bags:

We've chosen home-compostable bags from Elevate for our coffee because we want to have a smaller long-term footprint as a business.

It's not the perfect solution, but the way we see it, if you take a plastic bag and a compostable bag, which will still be around in 100, 500, or 1000 years? The answer is pretty clear to us.

Here's additional details of the coffee bags we use.

Here's additional information about compostable packaging, standards, and how to dispose of them.

Coffee Boxes:

We decided to add a box to our retail packaging for logistical and aesthetic reasons. Because our compostable bags wrinkle very easily, it makes it difficult for us and our retail partners to maintain a polished and professional look on the shelf. It also allows us to get creative with how we present our brand and products with you.

We source our boxes from Packlane and they are recyclable.

Here's their statement on sustainability.

Adaptogen Powders:

We've intentionally chosen The New New Age brand of adaptogenic mushroom and herbal powders because they are packaged in glass with a metal lid.

Glass can be recycled forever.

Weighted Meditation Eye Covers:

The retails boxes are made of post-consumer card and are recyclable.

The Eye Covers themselves are made with linen (an organic material derived from flax) and filled with flaxseed.