Cupping is a brew method that minimizes variables. This is vital when tasting coffee objectively.

We use cupping to make purchasing decisions and when profiling a roast.

However, this technique can be used by more than coffee roasters and professionals. Cupping is a great way to learn about what you enjoy in coffee. When you've compared enough coffees you start to understand how origin, terroir, processing methods, and roast profiles impact your cup of coffee.

Here's how to set up a cupping at home:

Tools Needed:

  • 200ml cups or bowls
  • 2 cupping spoons
  • 95ºC water
  • Burr Grinder
  • Scale & Timer
  • Coffees


12g Coffee Ground Medium-Course

200ml Water 95ºC


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Grinding Coffee

The grind setting should be slightly more coarse than you would for pour-over.

Grind a cleansing dose of 1-2g and discard those grounds before grinding the 12g dose, ensuring no cross-contamination between coffees.

Pouring Water

Start a timer as soon as you begin pouring.

Make sure to saturate all the grounds evenly and quickly.

Start pouring into the next cup at the 30-second mark, continuing this pattern until you've filled each cup.

Leave the cups undisturbed for 4 minutes.

Breaking The Crust

At 4 minutes, take your two spoons and carefully break the crust, making sure not to agitate the entire cup, and scrape out any foam that's formed on top.

Continue this for every cup, rinsing your spoons between each coffee
Let sit for an additional 8 minutes.


After 12 minutes, begin tasting.

Slurp each coffee, spraying the coffee across your tongue and coating as much surface area in the mouth as possible.

Take notes of acidity levels, mouthfeel, sweetness, and any flavors that come to mind.

If you're cupping with a group, transfer the coffee into a personal cup to mitigate used spoons dipping into the same cupping bowl.

Cupping with other people will always enhance your experience. Taste is a very subjective thing based on experience and a variety of other factors. Bringing other people to the table (literally) can help expand your knowledge and palate.

Ask local roasters, coffee shops, and coffee professionals, as most people in coffee are always happy to cup alongside others.

Enjoy! 🤍