V60's and other conical brewers are among the most popular for home brewing.

They're much more approachable, versatile, and common, making them perfect for anybody looking to get into pour over style brewing.

Conical style brewers produce sweeter cups with more texture.

Here's the recipe:

Tools Needed:

  • Conical Style Dripper
  • V60 Filters
  • Carafe
  • Temp Controlled Kettle
  • Burr Grinder
  • Scale & Timer
  • Coffee


12g Coffee : 200ml 95ºc Water


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Pouring Structure

The pouring structure for this recipe is as follows:

First pour: @ 0:00s (Bloom)

  • 50g Circle Pour
  • Light swirl to agitate the coffee bed

Second Pour: @ 0:30s

  • 50g Circle Pour

Third Pour: @ 1:00s

  • 50g Circle Pour

Fourth Pour: @ 1:30s

  • 50g Circle Pour
  • Light swirl to settle the grounds

Target Time

Total brew time: 2:30s - 3:15s.

Making Adjustments

Conical brewers are fairly forgiving. Depending on your preferences you can adjust grind-size to enhance sweetness or texture.

Hitting the target time depends on the coffee and your grind setting.

If you find the cups too sour, try a finer grind size.

Conversely, if your cups are too muddled, try going courser.

Here's some coffees to try:

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Much love! 🤍