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JARC 74158

JARC 74158

Ethiopia · Nguisse Nare · Natural

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Taste Notes:

Grape, Candy, Floral, Honey, Cocoa, Hint of Gold Rum

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Taste Experience:

A balanced, sweet and clean coffee. Approachable, yet vying for inquisition with complexities that intertwine with its silky textural expression. You’ll find deep purple fruits communing with their candy-esque counterparts, and rich cocoa hinting at gentle notes of gold rum and floral fragrances.

  • Coffee Variety & Processing:

    This 74158 (a J.A.R.C verified coffee variety) is picked and sorted before the coffee cherries are dried slowly on raised beds over 20 days. 

  • About Nguisse Nare:

    Nguisse Nare is the owner/producer at his farm Setame where he grows and processes the JARC 74158 variety and collects additional coffee cherry from his neighbours for further processing. 4 years into production, Setame sits at an elevation of 2300m above sea level, while Nguisse and his team execute on Dry & Anaerobic processes with a focused effort on quality. 

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Technical Details

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidama, Bensa Bombe

Farm: Setame

Producer: Nguisse Nare

Elevation: 2240m

Varietals: (JARC) 74158

Process: Dry aka “Natural”

Drying: 20 Days Raised Beds

Sourcing & Pricing Transparency

Source: Showroom Coffee

(Crop to Cup Coffee Importers)

FOB: $10.47/kg USD

We Payed: $27.33/kg CAD

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