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SL-28, Ruiru 11 - Washed

SL-28, Ruiru 11 - Washed

Kenya · Muburi Washing Station · Kirinyaga

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Technical Details


STATION: Muburi Washing Station

REGION: Kirinyaga


VARIETAL: SL-28 (99%), Ruiru 11 (1%)

ELEVATION: 1600 masl

FERMENTATION: Overnight Soak

DRYING: 7-15 days raised beds

About the Producer

Muburi Washing Station is part of a coffee farmers society in Kirinyaga called Rwama, which consists of 1200 active farming members. Muburi Station was established in 1964 and spans 7 acres of land serving the Gituga, Kiangoro, Muburi, and Kagukuma villages nearby.

Info provided to us by Crop to Cup.

About the Processing

The coffee cherries are brought from 4 surrounding villages, of which 99% of the varieties grown are SL-28, the other 1% is Ruiru 11. The cherries are then hand-sorted at Muburi Washing Station, floated to remove defects before being pulped in water channels and soaked overnight. The coffee is then washed again, skin dried, followed by 7-15 days of drying on raised beds and stored in conditioning bins for 3-7 weeks to stabilize.

Sourcing + Price Transparency

Source: Showroom Coffee (Crop to Cup Coffee Importers)

FOB: $/kg USD

We Payed: $34.24/kg CAD

Cost After Roasting: $39.35/kg CAD

* all numbers are based on the information we have available to us.
* please note, this does not include the costs associated with running our business.

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Cranberry, Lime & Jasmine with a Tart Cherry aroma.